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HVO Fuel in Diesel Hire Pumps & Equipment: SLD Pumps & Power Case Study

Crown HVO Fuel in Diesel Pumps & Equipment

We’re excited to have supplied Crown HVO fuel to our long-standing customer, SLD Pumps & Power, who are using the advanced renewable fuel at their depot network with a view to introducing it to both their existing client base and on all future projects as their standard fuel.

HVO fuel is a direct, drop-in alternative to diesel that reduces greenhouse gas CO2 emissions by ca 90%. The proven benefits of HVO are vast, making it a complete replacement for mineral diesel.

Using Crown HVO provides SLD Pumps & Power with the opportunity to discover the environmental benefits and operational impact of the renewable diesel fuel within its wide range of diesel equipment.

hvo fuel diesel pumps

We’re now using Crown Oil’s HVO fuel in our equipment at our Erith depot and are proud to offer it as a sustainable solution for clients wherever possible. We are looking forward to rolling out our HVO fuel offering across our UK-wide depots and are excited to see tangible results.

SLD Pumps & Power, managing director, Grant McIntosh

Who are SLD Pumps & Power?

SLD Pumps & Power provide cutting-edge, diesel hire ranges across the UK. Their DRI-Prime diesel pumps are known for their reliability and flexibility and are the popular choice for a wide range of temporary and permanent applications.

SLD Pumps & Power provide diesel rental for all scenarios and are now offering Crown HVO fuel in its diesel pumps, high head diesel pumps and diesel test pumps.

HVO fuel is a direct, drop-in alternative to diesel that produces up to 90% less greenhouse gas CO2 emissions and boasts a ten times’ longer shelf life.

We’re already seeing an increasing number of sectors switching to the renewable diesel fuel that are seeing direct, tangible results. So why wait? Find out more about Crown HVO today by calling us on 0330 123 1444.

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