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Latest AdBlue Prices in the UK

For thousands of businesses across the UK, AdBlue is an added requirement when running heavy vehicles which use diesel fuel. The extra cost of this diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) can seem tricky to calculate. We aim to uncover the cost of AdBlue for various applications below.

One of the questions we often get asked is ‘how much does AdBlue cost?’ In this blog post, we aim to answer this question by looking at recent AdBlue prices and what a typical UK company can expect to pay overall for their AUS 32 NOx reduction agent.

Calculating an Overall AdBlue Price

AdBlue Price Per Litre

The cost of AdBlue to a UK business isn’t just the price per litre of AdBlue itself. Many businesses aim to reduce their AdBlue costs by purchasing in bulk quantities. However, an AdBlue storage tank will also require purchasing to safely store the AdBlue solution, along with pumps for dispensation. It’s good to factor in these costs when looking at AdBlue prices from suppliers.

The Benefits of AdBlue

But, before you start worrying about the price of AdBlue it is also worth noting how much your business will save in emissions. Not only will you be complying with the government’s standards and your diesel engines will be meeting Euro 6 standards, but you’ll also be able to flaunt your greener company image and potentially win more business. This can more often than not prove lucrative to any type of business.

The Cost of AdBlue Storage

Keeping AdBlue safe from contaminants will help retain its quality and avoid any damage to your vehicle or machinery.

If you don’t store your AdBlue correctly, you run the risk of damaging it and this could cost you more should you need to replace it.

The price you pay for AdBlue will depend on your fleet. The consumption of AdBlue will depend on your vehicles and their usage. Below is a handy graph to show the consumption levels of commercial vehicles which require AdBlue solution.

AdBlue Consumption Table - AdBlue Prices

These consumption levels will hopefully give you an idea of the low volumes of AdBlue solution these large commercial vehicles use. It is roughly 3% of the rate of diesel consumption for lighter vehicles.

Our guide to AdBlue explains in more detail how to store diesel exhaust fluid.

AdBlue Prices in Packs

As with most things, the smaller the volume the higher the price. AdBlue will cost more when you buy it in smaller volumes and 10-litre packs are no exception. Although if you only require a pack size or 2 or 3 packs then you probably won’t require a storage facility, which is one less cost to think about.

AdBlue Barrel Prices

AdBlue in quantities of 205 litres will cost less per litre than 10-litre AdBlue packs. You would just require a pump for dispensing the AdBlue solution which is usually quite cheap to buy.

AdBlue in IBC and Bulk

An IBC container will hold 1000 litres of AdBlue and cost much less per litre than packs and barrels. If you want to buy more AdBlue then you’ll benefit from a greater saving as your desired quantity increases.

Why Do AdBlue Prices Change?

The price fluctuations of AdBlue are due to the prices of the raw products which go into making the solution. AdBlue is made up of urea and water. There are no active Urea processing plants in the UK today which means demand for Urea can be a contributing factor to price.

If the cost of these raw materials rises or falls, the AdBlue price per litre will be affected. This is another reason why some companies buy in bulk when they know the price of AdBlue is low. We source our VDA-licenced AdBlue from the Tennants Group, so you can be confident our NOx reduction agent meets AUS 32 and ISO 22241 standards.

The True Cost of AdBlue is Quite Small

You should be able to use this information as a rough guide to your AdBlue costs. Depending on the current price of AdBlue, your fleet’s consumption, and taking into account your storage costs, you’ll probably find that AdBlue isn’t a huge addition to your business expenses.

Contact Crown Oil today on 0330 123 1444 for a competitive quote on our AdBlue delivery. We supply AdBlue in bulk nationally and are trusted by businesses around the country.

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