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Local Bury Girl’s Kenya Trip Made Possible with Help from Crown Oil

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Kenya Trip

We’re proud to have been able to make local Bury girl, Laura Barrie’s trip to Kenya possible. In August this year, Laura embarked on a month long, organised expedition through Camp International, that consisted of 50 students split into 2 groups to make the trip more manageable. Throughout the month the students took part in a number of different activities to support local communities and wildlife projects, as well as also experiencing the truly beautiful, yet challenging Africa.

The first leg involved a huge beach clean up to collect rubbish and plastic that had washed up on shore. The group then made keyrings from old flipflops which the teacher then later sold.

Kenya Trip

The next leg was based at Camp Tsavo, where the group got to go on a safari. Unfortunately, they didn’t get to see a lion or rhino in their natural habitat, but the family of elephants made up for it!

When not seeing the animals, they visited Masai Mara which was hugely insightful. The National Reserve is an area of preserved savannah wilderness along the Tanzanian border. They also visited a local school where they played football with the kids.

They then drove to the mountain base camp where they took part in environmental activities, such as tree planting, digging for a compost pit for a tree farm and building toilets at a primary school. During this time, they were lucky enough to be able to enjoy the Year 6 leaving show.

Kenya Trip
Kenya Trip

The next expedition was a five-day mountain trek which was hugely testing for the group. Unfortunately, there was a huge downfall of snow, which meant that it was not safe to reach the summit. But they managed to have a huge snowball fight instead!

Laura said: “Overall, I can say it was the best experience I think I’ll ever partake in, where I have made so many memories which I will treasure forever. Thank you, Crown Oil, for your sponsorship and for making it all possible for me!”

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