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Oil Spill Horror Stories and How to Prevent Them

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oil spill horror storiesWhenever you have to deal with an oil spill nightmare, you have a serious problem that needs immediate resolution.

There are too many things that can go wrong and cause damage to the environment off the back of an oil spill. Horrific events such as this can ruin the reputations of businesses as well as the prized possessions of individual homeowners.

Historic Oil Spill Horror Stories

Whenever there is a major oil spill, you can guarantee that it’ll make headline news somewhere. To give you an example of some extreme cases of oil spills and the damage they caused, we’ve uncovered two historic oil spill horror stories that’ll chill you to the bone:


On the 16th March 1978 the Amoco Cadi tanker’s steering failed in a storm just off the coast of Brittany in France. The large crude carrier was on its way to Lyme Bay in the United Kingdom from Saudi Arabia carrying over 246,000 tons of oil when it encountered problems, losing its entire cargo to the sea after a rock collision caused a huge leakage. This particular disaster killed more marine life than any other oil spill to date at that time and was the largest oil spill of that time.


During the June of 1979, the Ixtoc Oil Well in Mexico collapsed after a build-up of pressure caused oil to fill the Well column which was a catalyst for a dramatic burn out in the rig’s shaft. The oil caught fire and an explosion erupted which sank the well and collapses the drilling platform. Gallons of oil flowed freely from the damaged container. Many efforts to stem the spillage were attempted but the disaster still resulted in over 140 million gallons of crude oil leaking into the Gulf of Mexico over ten months.

The damage that oil spills can cause

oil spill horror stories

You are unlikely to encounter oil spills of this magnitude first hand; however, you may run into a mini oil spill disaster of your own which could tragically result in the following:

  • Poisoning wildlife
  • Contaminating local water sources
  • Destroying wildlife habitats and breeding grounds
  • Loss of resources
  • Costly recovery expenses

Don’t let this be you!

5 ways to prevent an oil spill horror on your premises

Sometimes, there is nothing that we can do to prevent a disaster. However, to reduce your chances of being the victim in an oil spill horror story, here are some measures you can take to reduce the risk of this happening to you:

Ensure any oil tanks on your premises are installed correctly
Check your oil tank regularly for damage
Always repair damaged oil tanks as soon as you can
Check the status of your oil tank after extreme weather
Protect your oil tank with secondary defences
If you need any help with your oil tanks to make sure you can avoid a spill visit, Crown Oil Environmental’s Oil Tank Maintenance Services page to learn more.

Upkeeping oil tank maintenance

The best form of action regarding oil spills is prevention. Make sure that your oil tank is well maintained and protected and that you have sufficient equipment to handle any situation.

Crown Oil is a specialist fuels and oils company with many years of experience in the field. We pride ourselves on fast, safe and secure delivery.

We also have a specialist environmental division who focus on environmental solutions and fuel ancillary products that can assist you if the worst should happen.

Don’t ignore a potential fuel or oil spill, be prepared by taking all of the necessary precautions and you’ll be left with nothing but sweet dreams.

We hope that the advice we‘ve given you today helps you to protect the environment and prevent oil spill nightmares at your home of business. Happy Halloween!

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