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Problems with Your Central heating Oil Supply

If your oil supply is incorrect or you’re not being charged the amount you were quoted, this blog will help you out.

oil supplyYour Provider Is Charging a Greater Price For The Oil Supply Than They Estimated

The prices for oil change all the time, so your fuel supplier may charge you more for delivery than agreed when you ordered the oil.

Only pay the price you agreed with them when you ordered your oil supply – you had a verbal contract and the supplier must stick to this. Therefore, the price they quote you when the fuel is ordered is a secure price. Even if it only agrees verbally it still counts as a contract. The price cannot be changed by the supplier from that point onwards.

Unless you have written evidence, it may be difficult to prove the price you agreed with the supplier. The fuel company does not have a legal requirement to provide details of the oil supply in writing, however you can request this.

You should get some sort of written confirmation, e.g. an e-mail, if you order your fuel over the internet. If there are any conditions to the price, make sure that it is stated on the written confirmation. For example, the price quoted may only be valid for a certain period of time.

Your Provider Has Supplied More Oil Than You Ordered

The wrong amount of fuel may be supplied by the oil company by mistake. For example, the company may deliver 2000 litres of heating oil when you actually placed an order for 1000 litres.

You can do two things if this happens:

  • The fuel company may allow you to buy the extra amount from them. However, because it’s a larger order you may be able to get a better price.
  • Ask the fuel company to remove the extra fuel from your tank.

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