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Crown Oil’s show some support feature

At Crown Oil, we love to show some support where we can and we’re incredibly lucky to sponsor some very hardworking local teams and individuals. This weekend is bank holiday so we’d like to wish you all a fantastic (long) … Read more

Our Mauricio’s Brave Effort For C-hair-ity

Here at Crown Oil, we have lots of fantastic people working for us. Some of our employees go the extra mile for charity and our newest charity supporter is Mauricio. Now I’ve never had long beautiful locks myself and admire … Read more

Understanding Heating Oil, Its Uses & Its Variations

Facts about heating oil and its uses

Once summer disappears and autumn starts to set-in, the temperature drops and the control dial on your central heating system will probably be nearing maximum! Especially in the UK, where the rain and wind seem to team-up on us and … Read more

Guidelines for Storing Farm Fuels over winter

Farm fuels can be defended by having some knowledge of a couple of precautionary measures. Farming businesses are faced with more problems than just fuel theft when storing fuel over the winter period, issues with the fuel itself can surface. Farmers … Read more

Call For Action To Challenge Fuel Poverty

Almost three-quarters of the people residing in the Western Isles are living in fuel poverty. Some of them severe. Now local Councillors are appealing to the government to do something about it. The Western Isles are considered the region with … Read more