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Process Oils – An Infographic on the Different Applications

Choosing the correct Process Oils for your production operation…

Process oils are used in a number of industries and applications; either as a raw material component or to help with processing. At Crown Oil, we have over 70 years’ experience in the lubricants business. As so, we recognise the vital role process oils play in your business operations. Depending on your requirements, our industry-leading chemists are able to formulate a specific blend to meet your business requirements. Alternatively, we are also an authorised distributor of Total and Addinol oils throughout the UK.

Combine our vast range of lubricants, national oil supply network and in-house technical team, and you’ve got the best solution on hand to keep costs low.

To make sure you’re using the right oil for the right application, read our quick infographic below.

Choosing the correct Process Oils for your production operation
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Polymer industry

Process oils play a key role in the production of polymer compounds and rubbers. Compounded polymers often contain between 20-50% of process oil, which is why choosing the right process oil is critical. The wrong oil can affect performance criteria e.g, hardness, strength and long term stability in sunlight.

Sealants and mastics

In a similar way to polymers and rubbers, sealants and mastics also contain a good proportion of oil within them. Again the right oil is needed to balance the cost and performance of the sealant. Crown Oil has a number of products suitable for this application for both the professional and DIY markets.


Almost any task which involves water has the potential to create foam. Process oils used in the production of antifoam agents and act as carriers for active ingredients. Our products are suitable for both industrial applications and when products are being manufactured for eventual use in the food industry e.g. vegetable preparation and paper manufacture.


Process oils are used in a wide variety of agricultural applications, including pesticide carrier fluids, crop protection oils (where they are emulsified and sprayed onto plants to kill aphids) as well as fertilizer and grain dedusting agents.

More applications

Crown Oil’s process oils can be used in a wide variety of other applications e.g. textile production, civil explosive production, cable gel manufacture and the preparation of leather goods.

Not sure whether you need process oils or another product?

All of our oils are available in different quantities, depending on your needs and storage requirements:

We recommend buying in bulk to save you time and money on repeat orders.

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