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Gas Oil Regulations

Gas Oil – Red Diesel Regulations


Gas Oil - Red Diesel Regulations

Many of us are unaware when it comes to the gas oil / red diesel regulations. So for some clearance on the rules regarding gas oil / red diesel, we answer some more of the most common questions about it.

Is There A Restriction On How Far I Can Travel With Red Diesel?


A. An Operative’s Licence is required if you’re planning to use gas oil for journeys of 15 miles or more. If you’re completing farming, gardening or forestry activities then you can use red diesel without any restrictions.

Can I Use Red Diesel To Transport Livestock?

A. The regulations for red diesel state you can use rebated fuel as long as you’re transporting your own cattle. If the journey will be longer than 20km then an Operator’s Licence will be required. If you are transporting livestock for someone else then you will need to use white diesel.

Is It Ok To Use Red Diesel To Deliver Compost To Parks And Households?


A. The transportation of the compost has to be related to the operation in which it was produced for red diesel to be permitted.

I Need To Tow A Piece Of Machinery To Another Farm, Can I Use Red Diesel For That?


A. Red Diesel Rules state that rebated fuel is allowed to be used as long as the tractor towing the equipment will be involved in the activity the equipment is intended for and as usual it needs to be farming, horticultural or forestry related.

Would I Be Allowed To Use Red Diesel To Spray A Sports Pitch Or Take A Bowser Of Red Diesel?


A. Red diesel rules state the rebated fuel cannot be used in either of these situations as spraying a sports field is not considered as a horticultural activity and the bowser would be considered as transport. Therefore, white diesel must be used in both of these situations.