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Red Tractor Week: Improving Awareness of British, Red Tractor Assured Food

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Supporting Farms and Agricultural Businesses across the UK

The British farming industry has had many struggles over the years, so it’s always great to see any initiatives that aim to promote the hard work they do and to try and encourage more of the UK public to buy foods sourced from British Famers.

Of course, we can all do our bit by buying British foods with the Red Tractor symbol and similar British Standards branding. Not only does buying British produce help to support our farming industries, but it’s also helping to lower your foods carbon footprint as the distances your food travels from farm to your plate will be greatly reduced.

As a British Oils and Fuels Business ourselves, we understand the importance of ensuring we all support our hardworking farmers and agricultural businesses. We’ve been supplying rural communities with our range of fuels, oils and lubricants including red diesel deliveries, bulk diesel deliveries as well as supplying agricultural lubricants to farms and related businesses across the UK.

What is Red Tractor Week?

Look for the Red Tractor logo

The aim of the Red Tractor Week campaign is to create “a series of farmer-led events to celebrate and drive consumer awareness and understanding of British, Red Tractor Assured food.”

If you didn’t know what the Red Tractor logo meant or maybe you haven’t even noticed it food packaging, this is exactly why the Red Tractor Week came about, so we’ll try and address some of the main aims below.

As the UK’s best known quality food assurance scheme, its aim is to clearly label food which originates from a trustworthy source. If you want to learn more about their company mission, you can do so here.

The scheme traces food from its origin. The flag in the logo informs consumers about where the food was processed and packed. Meat, dairy, vegetables and cereals are all covered by the Red Tractor scheme. The scheme has a list of stringent standards which must be met in order for the foods to exhibit the Red Tractor Logo on their label. This is a sign of responsible production and quality of the food itself.

Crown Oil is proud to supply British farms with quality fuels to help them provide quality food products for all of our consumption.

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