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The Final Straw: Say Goodbye to Plastic and Hello to a Greener Future

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With the latest straw and plastic bottle phenomenon, we are on a mission to help save the planet…

Following BBC programme, Blue Planet II, the nation’s eyes have well and truly been opened to just how important protecting our planet and our marine life is. Following footage showing the devastating impact single-use plastic is having on our oceans, we are all ready to get involved in saving our environment. Because let’s face it… straws suck.

UK heavyweights Marriot Hotel Group, Bestival festival and Pizza Express are already supporting the campaign #thelaststraw and have taken plastic straws off the shelves already.

Following in their footsteps, Starbucks also mean business and have impressively alleged to eliminate all plastic straws worldwide by 2020, which according to Sky News will account for removing over one billion plastic straws each year. But it’s not just the hospitality industry that needs to get involved.

Beat the microbead

You may or may not be aware, but earlier this year, the UK banned all use of plastic microbeads (those tiny pieces of plastic used in cosmetic products e.g. toothpaste and exfoliating body scrubs).

Microbeads may enhance beauty but thousands of the nonbiodegradable, minuscule beads slip are designed to go down the drain and into our lakes, rivers and oceans and evidently slip through waste-water treatment plants and harm our marine life. What’s more, they pass through the food chain and ultimately end up on our dinner plates.

There are plenty of natural alternatives out there and let’s be honest, your cupboards probably need a good clear out so jump on the bandwagon in living a greener life and head to Beat the Microbead for a full list of products of what to avoid.

Plastic mussels for tea?

Mussels sampled from UK coastlines and supermarkets have just last month been found to contain tiny shards of plastic and other debris. Scientists sampled eight coastal locations and eight supermarkets and found that for every 100g mussels eaten, around 70 pieces of tiny debris was consumed. Scientists claimed there is more work needed to understand the health implications of the seafood. This is another example of the high presence of microplastics in our environment.

Did you know?

By using Crown Oil as your oil supplier, you are already helping the environment. We recognise that our deliveries are inevitably accompanied by a shed load of harmful carbon emissions, so we have been offsetting our carbon emissions since 2008. For every gallon of fuel we use, we pay an environmental agency to reduce the equivalent amount of carbon through projects that prevent the release of CO2 into the atmosphere.

So, what can you do?

You may think that your actions are insignificant, but just cast your mind to Tesco’s tagline, ‘Every Little Helps’. As of July 8 2018, the UK population was 66,579,845 and according to Ecostrawz, “a single straw may seem insignificant, however, an individual who uses one straw a day for the next decade, will throw 3,650 separate pieces of plastic into the landfill.” It’s time to make a difference.

Go greener now with our handy hints:

  • Unless a paper-based alternative is on offer, say no to straws!
  • Keep your washing machine at 30°C. According to Redmond-King, this could save 57% of energy use in washing alone
  • Britain has been blessed this summer with soaring temperatures and it looks like its sticking around for a while, so ditch the dryer for a traditional clothing line
  • Likewise, do you really need the big light on this summer with around 15 hours of natural light each day? If you answered yes to that question, then get into the habit of turning the light off when you leave the room, not forgetting LED light bulbs will save you money as well as our environment
  • Home smart apps are the new craze, and British Gas app ‘Hive’ is literally changing lives. With just a few clicks on your smartphone, you can turn on your heating on your way home instead of wasting energy on scheduled timers
  • Make your heating oil go as far as possible by insulating your home to improve the efficiency of your heating system. Read more in our blog 5 Insulation Products To Reduce Your Heating Bill
  • With most cities offering a CycleScheme and bus lanes taking over the roads, ditching the car has never been easier
  • Not only for your safety but to avoid energy being wasted, unplug your devices!

There you have it, just a few simple steps that will without a doubt, help make a significant difference. It’s going to take a universal effort and it’s not going to be easy but going green is needed to help save our environment so what are you waiting for?

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