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What is Quarryflame – Why is it useful for open flame heat generation?

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Crown Quarryflame is the perfect fuel, specifically intended for use in open flame heat generation.
Its typical applications include sand and aggregate drying within the quarrying industry as well as asphalt production plants.

quarry fuel

Crown Quarryflame is a low viscosity, high energy, petroleum-derived fuel with excellent cold flow properties. This highly mobile fuel eliminates the need for heated oil storage and the fuel pre-heating systems commonly associated with handling Heavy (HFO), Medium (MFO) and Light Fuel Oils (LFO). It has similar flow properties to 35-second distillate fuels and is an ideal replacement for these, providing that permits are in place to burn fuels with up to 1% sulphur contents and is a ‘slot-in’ replacement for ultra-light fuel oils (ULFO) and lightly processed fuel oils (LPFO).

Features and Benefits of Quarryflame:

It has a low viscosity and does not require pre-heating.
It contains the same physical properties as ULFO, LPFO and distillate fuels with no burner modifications required.
It is completely miscible with ULFO, LPFO and distillate fuels so there is no need to empty fuel tanks before changing to Quarryflame.
It has a low CFPP/pour point and allows summer/winter performance all year round.
Crown Quarryflame is unsuitable for steam or hot water generation in enclosed boiler systems and cannot be used where a sulphur restriction of 0.1% maximum is imposed.
It is strictly prohibited for use in both on and off-road vehicles or any other mobile or static combustion engines.

You could save money by making the switch from gas oil (also known as red diesel) to Crown Quarryflame. Give our fuel experts a call today on 0845 313 0845 to learn more and see how we could help you and your business.

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