Biodiesel Suppliers

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Crown Oil is a bio diesel supplier in the North West region. We supply biodiesel in bulk, with a minimum delivery of 20,000 litres. Offering now or next day deliveries.

Our biodiesel fuel is carefully blended with vegetable based oil, assuring the highest quality.

Technicians and engine manufacturers recommend a 5% mixture of vegetable based oil, however we are able to supply higher concentrations of biodiesel to meet your requirements.

Traditional diesel is produced from mineral crude oil. Biodiesel is produced from a variety of vegetable oils, including: palm, rape, canola, soy, linseed, coconut, mustard and cotton oils. It can also be manufactured from tallow oil and used cooking oils.

It offers similar power and energy content to ULSD. Biodiesel has emerged as a realistic and desirable alternative to mineral diesel and is becoming an increasingly valuable contributor to the world’s drive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

It has been in general pure use for the last 10 years in Continental Europe. However, the majority of the UK biodiesel produced is expected to be used as a 5% blend with mineral diesel.

Advantages of biodiesel include the following:

  • Virtually zero sulphur content
  • Zero aromatic content (toluene and benzene)
  • Comparable energy and power content
  • Flash point of 150 °C against 60 °C for mineral diesel
  • Significant reduction in particulates (soot) and hydrocarbons
  • 70% reduction of carbon monoxide emissions in diesel exhausts
  • Non toxic and biodegradable – Fully degraded from a waterway environment within  approximately 28 days
  • Significant lubricant characteristics enabling a reduction in wear
  • Extended efficiency for injectors and for all engines using ULSD resulting in lower maintenance costs

The transport sector is responsible for some 25% of UK emissions. Improving the efficiency of vehicles and reducing the need to travel are essential elements, but carbon reductions also need low carbon fuels.
The Government considers that Biofuels are an important potential route for achieving the long term goal of zero carbon transport, including the introduction of the ‘renewable transport fuel obligation’ which requires transport fuel suppliers to increase sales of renewable fuels over time.

For full biodiesel specifications please see our Biodiesel Briefing Note.