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The UK’s First Carbon Offset Red Diesel

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We’re inviting you to balance
the impact of the red diesel you use!

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Here at Crown Oil, we have put arrangements in place with a leading carbon offset provider to offer a ‘green’ fuel called carbon offset red diesel to our customers.

What is carbon offsetting and how does it work?

Carbon offsetting is a scheme in which a company or individual offsets its carbon emissions through the funding of activities and projects to improve the environment. When emissions are generated, they are calculated and then an environmental initiative is balanced and reimbursed elsewhere. Activities could include tree planting, factory renovations or power plants.

How does carbon offset red diesel work?

You needn’t make any changes or special arrangements in order to use carbon offset red diesel. In fact, there is no difference to the fuel itself, it’s the same diesel with red dye added as you currently use.

Instead, the little extra you pay for your fuel goes towards funding carbon-reducing initiatives across the world, effectively counteracting the carbon you release by using the fuel.

Benefits of carbon offset red diesel (C.O.R.D.)

There’s a range of benefits and reasons for choosing to use carbon offset red diesel, in place of your regular red diesel supply.

A sustainable way to satisfy your red diesel needs

Can be used to contribute to your company’s carbon reduction commitment (for example, you can mention C.O.R.D. in your Corporate Social Responsibility report)

C.O.R.D. will complement any other initiatives that you already take towards achieving a better environment

Positive PR for your company

Can help improve your relations with those who share your concerns, including your customers, local communities and your target media

Many offset projects improve the quality of life of a developing area, e.g. replacing wood burning stoves with solar ovens in Africa – no need to collect firewood, no greenhouse gas pollution

A cleaner and safer world for you and your future generations

To learn more about ordering carbon offset red diesel and how it can further your green credentials. Call our friendly team today on 0845 313 0845 for a quote.