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Carbon Offset Red Diesel Supplier

Want to reduce the environmental impact of your red diesel usage? Our CORD fuel is a greener alternative to businesses all over the UK. Call 0330 123 1444

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CORD fuel – A Greener Alternative to Red Diesel

As a nationwide fuel supplier supplying customers across the UK, we found that many of our customers wanted to offset their red diesel usage using carbon credits. To make this easier for our customers, we put arrangements in place with a leading carbon offset provider to handle this at the time of purchase.

This allowed us to offer a ‘greener’ fuel called carbon offset red diesel (CORD) for our customers who are passionate about limiting the impact of their fuel usage and saving our environment. CORD fuel is carbon neutral, and better yet we deliver it across the UK.

Carbon Offset Red Diesel Supplier

What is carbon offsetting and how does carbon offset red diesel work?

Carbon offsetting is a scheme in which a company or individual offsets its carbon emissions through the funding of activities and projects to improve the environment. When emissions are generated, they are calculated and an environmental initiative is balanced and reimbursed elsewhere. Activities could include tree planting and factory renovations.

CORD fuel does not require any modifications to your engines or special arrangements to use the fuel. In fact, there is no difference to the red diesel fuel itself. It’s the very same diesel with red dye added that you currently use.

Instead, the little extra you pay goes towards funding carbon-reducing initiatives across the world, effectively counteracting the carbon you release by using the fuel.

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How will carbon offset red diesel benefit your business:

  • A sustainable way to satisfy your red diesel needs
  • Can be used to contribute to your company’s carbon reduction commitment e.g. you can include CORD fuel in your Corporate Social Responsibility Report (an example is our own Corporate Social Responsibility)
  • Complements any other initiatives that you already take to achieve a better environment
  • Positive PR showing your company’s environmental efforts
  • Can help improve your relations with those who share your concerns, local communities and target media
  • Many offset projects improve the quality of life of a developing area e.g. replacing wood-burning stoves with solar ovens in Africa – no need to collect firewood, no greenhouse pollution
  • A cleaner and safer world for you and future generations

To find out more about our carbon offset red diesel, get in touch on 0330 123 1444 today.

Looking for a diesel alternative with lower emissions?

HVO fuel is a synthetic red diesel replacement that reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90% compared to conventional diesel variants, whilst also offering improved all-weather performance, a vastly increased storage life and more.

Find out how HVO can drive your business whilst slashing your environmental footprint – call a member of our team on 0330 123 1444 or visit our HVO page for more information, or read our in-depth HVO FAQ.

Find out about HVO Fuel

Why purchase CORD fuel from Crown Oil

  • We’re a trusted, family-run carbon offset red diesel supplier – With over 70 years’ experience supplying fuels and lubricants, our friendly service and efficient deliveries have made us be the no.1 choice for businesses and throughout the UK
  • Same day and next day CORD fuel deliveries – We offer a range of delivery options to ensure you never have to wait for that greatly needed delivery, or even worse, experience business downtime
  • National coverage – We really will deliver your CORD fuel to wherever you are, with fuel depots all over the UK, we have some of the quickest delivery times in the industry
  • Bulk CORD quantities available – To enable you to make bigger savings in the long run and for those of you who need regular top-ups, we can provide bulk deliveries from 500 – 36,000 litres and more, with a wide range of tankers on hand
  • Need less than 500 litres? – Don’t worry, we also supply 205-litre oil drums if you don’t have the storage space
  • Flexible payment terms – Business customer? We offer some of the most flexible payment terms in the industry to suit your budget and schedule
  • Affordable prices – With our vast buying power, you’re guaranteed a great price for your CORD fuel all year round
  • Unrivalled customer service – From our dedicated Account Managers to our friendly Delivery Drivers, our service is famously professional yet personal
  • Free Fuel Management Service – We understand how busy your lives can be when running a business. Simply opt-in when ordering your red diesel and we’ll monitor your usage and provide top-ups when required

To learn more about ordering carbon offset red diesel and how it can further your green credentials, call our fuel experts today on 0330 123 1444 for a quote and discuss your CORD fuel requirements.

tonnes of net CO2 reduced across our transport fleet from using HVO

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