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Looking for a sustainable way to generate heat and power? Crown Oil’s Combined Heat and Power CHP Biofuel is an eco-friendly alternative to heating oil which is available nationwide. Call 0330 123 1444

Crown Oil

Renewable CHP Biofuel Delivered Across the UK

If you’re looking for a sustainable way to generate combined heat and power, our CHP Biofuel is the more environmentally friendly heating oil you’ve been looking for. We make our own product from reprocessed, clean waste oils to make sure it’s the best quality on the market.

Our CHP fuel is OFGEM-approved and manufactured from totally renewable and sustainable sources; mainly high-quality ‘waste oil’ feedstock.

What is CHP biofuel?

Combined Heat and Power Biofuel is a renewable alternative to fossil fuels and is mainly sourced from oil-rich plants. In addition to vegetable oil, biofuel can also be made from waste oils and animal materials and other byproducts – this is the main source of Crown Oil’s blend of biofuel.

When biofuel is used for both heating and power, then Combined Power and Heating (CHP) biofuel is used. This means that the fuel can be substituted with diesel to reduce harmful emissions.

There are different grades of biofuel that are based on how much of the fuel is blended with diesel. For example, B7 is 93% diesel and 7% renewable fuels. B100 biofuel is 100% renewable. These grades exist as depending on where you are based, weather can affect your machinery’s ability to function with biofuel.

Combined heat and power explained

Combined Heat and Power (abbreviated to CHP, but also called cogeneration and sometimes cogen) is the process of generating both heat and power from a single fuel source – commonly diesel or gas. CHP systems are efficient as they generate electricity and use the heat produced as a result of that for warming spaces, providing hot water and much more for domestic, commercial and industrial users alike.

Because CHP is simultaneously generating electricity and heat from one fuel, it offers increased efficiency of around 40 percent.

This efficiency can be increased further with using renewable fuels – and that’s where Crown CHP Biofuel comes in as it offers net reduction in CO2 emissions – in fact, our biofuel for cogeneration systems yields 87 percent fewer CO2 emissions than mineral diesel, while still being biodegradable and non-toxic.

How will CHP biofuel benefit you?

  • Yields 87% fewer CO2 emissions than petroleum-based diesel
  • Biodegradable and completely non-toxic
  • Guaranteed to meet OFGEM requirements in order to earn ROCs certificates
  • Exceeds the minimum requirements of EN14214 (European standard for heating oils)

To get a quote on the latest biofuel prices, to order a delivery of CHP biofuel or to simply find out more, call our fuel experts today on 0330 123 1444.

What is a Renewable Obligation Certificate (ROC)

Renewable Obligation Certificates are awarded by OFGEM to encourage the use of non-fossil, renewable energy sources by companies generating their own electricity for heat and/or power.

Our CHP biofuel is made from waste oil using bio-ethanol, so fully meets OFGEM’s strict requirements for ROCs eligibility and has been approved on other CHP installations. We are able to supply a letter confirming the provenance of the raw materials. You can then submit this letter to OFGEM in support of your ROCs application.

Please note that each individual site generating power or CHP must be registered and approved by OFGEM for the ROCs certificates to be awarded. This is an auditing process that will involve inspection and certification of your plant. For further information on your eligibility for ROCs and the process required please refer to OFGEM. If your power generation plant is already certified, it is a relatively simple process to achieve approval from OFGEM on our CHP Biofuel as a replacement for your current fuel.

Why choose Crown Oil for CHP biofuel?

  • We’re a trusted supplier with over 75 years’ experience selling and distributing fuels and lubricants
  • Same or next-day delivery service is available if you need a delivery urgently
  • We’ll deliver wherever you are – we really do offer true national coverage!
  • Our baby tankers can navigate the hardest-to-reach areas, no matter where you’re based
  • Our CHP biofuel is the best quality available on the market
  • We offer some of the most flexible payment terms in the industry to suit your budget and schedule
  • With our vast buying power, you’re guaranteed a great price for your fuel
  • From our dedicated account managers to our delivery drivers, our service is famously friendly and personal

For more information on Crown CHP Biofuel and ROCs eligibility, call our experts today on 0330 123 1444 who can advise you further and answer any of your questions about combined heat and power biofuel.

Further information on CHP generation or the ROCS renewable fuel incentive scheme can be found on OFGEM’s website.

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