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Crown Oil

White Diesel (DERV) Supplier

With all UK-wide deliveries made within 48 hours, our DERV is available at competitive prices to keep your fleet on the road.

Crown Oil

Diesel (DERV) Delivered Across the UK

DERV (also known as white diesel and road diesel), is most commonly used to power road vehicles. Our white diesel is derived straight from the refinery, meaning you’ll get your bulk supply from 1,000 – 36,000+ litres at the best possible price.

If your business requires an onsite supply of white diesel to keep you on the road, Crown Oil can help. After all, we’ve been a UK-wide trusted, family-run supplier of the fuel for over 70 years.

Call us today on 0330 123 1444 or fill in our quick form to get a competitive road diesel quote.


Are you looking for a cleaner alternative to diesel, one that produces up to 90% less GHG emissions?

HVO is a synthetic diesel replacement approved for use by a wide range of equipment manufacturers. Offering improved all-weather performance, cleaner-burning and a vastly increased storage life, the advanced renewable fuel reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90%.

Find out how HVO can fuel your business whilst slashing your emissions – call a member of our team on 0330 123 1444 or visit our HVO page for more information.

HVO fuel

Looking for another environmentally friendly DERV?

We also supply Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel too, with substantially lowered sulphur content. Since 2006, almost all DERV fuel available in Europe is of a ULSD variety. For full DERV specifications, please see our Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel data sheet.

Crown Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (EN590) is a low sulphur road fuel, suitable for all road vehicles powered by a diesel engine;

Appearance Clear and bright, free from visible sediment and water.
Colour 2·5 max
Odour Merchantable
Density @ 15°C g/ml 0·820 min – 0·835 max
Cold filter plugging point
    Winter °C (2)
    Summer °C (2)
-15 max
-5 max
Cloud point
    Winter °C (2)
    Summer °C (2)
-5 max
+3 max
Flash point (PMCC) °C 56 min
Cetane number 51 min
Cetane index 46 min
Viscosity cst @ 40°C 2·0 min – 4·5 max
Sulphur % Wt 0·001 max
Copper corrosion 3 hr @ 50°C class I
Micro carbon residue:-
Residue wt on 10% bottoms 0·30 (note 3)
Ash % Wt 0·01 max
Particulate matter mg/kg 24 max
Water mg/kg 200 max
Distillation °C
% Vol Rec @ 250°C 65·0 max
% Vol Rec @ 345°C
95% Vol recovered ºC 360·0
Oxidation stability mg/100ml 2·5 max
Polycyclic aromatic 11 max
hydrocarbons (%)
Lubricity, Corrected water scar 460 Diameter @ ºC

1. Latest Test Method or technical equivalent it used
2. Unless otherwise advised the following seasonal dates apply at point of sale:-
Summer: 16th March – 21st October / Winter: 22nd October – 15th March
3. May contain an ignition improver in which case the MCR test is not valid.
The above are typical figures, and we reserve the right to alter the specification without notice. Nothing on this
specification constitutes a guarantee

Why choose Crown Oil for white diesel?

Standard 24 – 48-hour delivery – We offer a range of delivery options to make sure your fleet is always on the road
True nationwide coverage – We really will deliver your diesel to wherever you are; with fuel depots all over the UK, we have some of the quickest delivery times in the industry
Bulk diesel quantities from 1,000 up to 36,000+ litres – To enable you to make more significant savings in the long run and for those of you who need regular top-ups, we can supply you with as much diesel as you need with a fleet of tankers on hand
Flexible payment terms – We offer some of the most flexible payment terms in the industry for businesses to suit your budget and schedule
Affordable prices – With our vast buying power, you’re guaranteed a great price for your diesel all year round
Unrivalled customer service – From our dedicated Account Managers to our friendly Delivery Drivers, our service is famously professional yet personal
Free Fuel Management Service – We understand how busy your lives can be when running a business. Simply opt-in when ordering your DERV and we’ll monitor your usage and provide top-ups when required

Whether you’re ready to place an order for DERV or still have some questions, give our friendly team a call today on 0330 123 1444 to see how we can help you.

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