Furnace Fuel

The cleaner heating alternative to gas oil

Furnace fuel has been specially developed as a commercial heating oil to replace gas oil in commercial boilers.

Furnace Fuel

Its clean-burning characteristics make it an excellent choice for your commercial heating needs.

The below video explains how you can switch and save with furnace fuel, also known as Crown Industrial Heating Oil.


Note: Although furnace fuel is a substitute for gas oil, it CANNOT be used in diesel engines.

Furnace fuel – the facts

  • Fully compliant to BS EN 2869, Class D parameters
  • It looks different to gas oil as it has a bright straw colour tint to it.
  • It can also be used in all commercial boilers. Therefore, there’s no need to purchase a new boiler or consult an engineer before use
  • Unlike other fuels with high bio elements, furnace fuel has been designed not to cause issues with fuel tank seals

What are the benefits of furnace fuel?

  • It’s cheaper than standard gas oil
  • Using furnace fuel will reduce your carbon emissions and improve boiler efficiency
  • It’s stable to –24°C and so works in lower temperatures than standard gas oil
  • Less damaging to fuel tank seals

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Additional information about furnace fuel

  • Using furnace fuel in commercial vehicles such as forklifts and tractors is illegal and can result in prosecution
  • It is also very toxic to aquatic animals, therefore it is best stored away from open water areas in a bunded tank