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Turn up the heat with Crown Oil

When it comes to providing heat for your home or business, there’s nothing more important than securing a reliable, fast heating oil delivery.

At Crown Oil, we’ve been providing competitive heating oil prices for our domestic heating oil and commercial heating oil (IHO) customers for decades. With our fast deliveries and friendly service from start to finish, it’s no wonder people trust us to keep them toasty.

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Heating Oil delivery from Crown Oil

Why choose Crown Oil for heating oil?

As a family-run business, we believe that our excellent service is the key to our success. This superior level of service combined with first-class product knowledge has made us one of the nation’s leading fuel suppliers in the UK.

We’re extremely proud of the service we provide for our customers and would welcome the chance to show you just what we are capable of.

✔ Over 70 years’ experience selling and distributing fuels and lubricants means we’re a trusted heating oil supplier
✔ Same or next day heating oil delivery service available if you’re in an emergency
✔ We’ll deliver wherever you are – we really do offer true national coverage!
✔ Buy in quantities from 500 – 36,000+ litres
✔ Need less than 500 litres? We also supply 205-litre barrels
✔ Our heating oil is the best quality available in the market
✔ We offer some of the most flexible payment terms in the industry to suit your budget and schedule
✔ With our vast buying power, you’re guaranteed a great price for your heating oil
✔ From our dedicated account managers to our delivery drivers, our service is famously friendly and personal

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What is heating oil?

Heating oil is a cheap fuel for your industrial heating or domestic heating systems. It is generally used by large commercial settings which require industrial heating for warmth as well as domestic customers who live in areas which aren’t connected to the national grid.

Does heating oil have other names?

Heating oil is known by a wide variety of other names which you can find in the list below. Some are the same product and some have slightly different specifications.

You can click on the different names to find out more details about that particular fuel.

Burning oil
28 Second
Industrial Paraffin
C2 Kero
Standard Kero
Fuel Oil

What kind of heating oil do I need?

Depending on your requirements for heating, there are two options available:

Home Heating Oil – Perfect for homeowners who need burning oil for their oil central heating. Domestic users can benefit from our tailored deliveries of heating oil for homes that are designed entirely around them
Industrial Heating Oil – Crown IHO is our own blend of industrial fuel oil. It is a leading fuel product within its market and is designed for commercial customers. This cheap yet reliable fuel can even save you money against the current cost of gas oil for heating purposes

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Nationwide, great value heating oil deliveries

Sometimes, the cheapest heating oil doesn’t always give you the best value.

Unfortunately, some companies who deal with oil prices don’t actually control when it’s delivered to you. So you might save a penny here or there per litre but you could be waiting around all day (or all month) for your delivery.

To enable a truly nationwide heating oil delivery service, with the same day or next day delivery option we have strategically-placed fuel oil depots in the UK; where we store our heating oil ready for distribution. Below is a list of our larger oil depots:

  • Manchester – Allows us to deliver heating oil to a wide range of northern towns and cities including Manchester
  • London – Facilitating our fuel oil deliveries in the South of England
  • Doncaster – Excellent heating oil coverage in the North East
  • Nationwide – Utilising our huge distribution network for fuel oil supplies in the UK

Crown Oil is a leader in the manufacture and delivery of industrial heating oil. This is because we actually manufacture our own Crown IHO and buy our domestic heating oil in huge quantities, storing it for when you need it.

This enables us to not only compete with cheap heating oil suppliers but we can deliver fuel oil the same day or next day to ensure your home or business remains heated. This also makes us a much better option than comparison sites and group buy schemes.

Heating oil prices

What affects heating oil prices?

Heating oil prices tend to fluctuate day to day.

There are multiple reasons why this happens but the common factors are listed below to help give you a clear understanding:

  • Crude oil price changes – The price of oil changes daily and this is one of the main influences on heating oil price
  • Location of your fuel oil supplier – If you choose a local heating oil supplier and your delivery is out of their local area, chances are you’ll end up paying extra to make up for their deliveries
  • The quantity of heating oil required – If you are purchasing a small volume of fuel oil, you may find yourself paying a higher price per litre for heating oil with some suppliers
  • Delivery requirements – If you require a delivery overnight or within a couple of hours, you may have to pay a higher heating oil price per litre

There’s nothing stopping you getting a quick quote by filling out our simple form online but if you like the sound of a friendly voice on the other end of the phone then we’d love to hear from you.

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What are the alternatives to heating oil?

As well as industrial and home heating oil, depending on your type of boiler you may be able to use other fuels for heat.

Kerosene oil is used in heating systems fitted in domestic premises and industrial premises for processes requiring low-sulphur fuel. Kerosene is sometimes used as another term for heating oil
Kerosene’s clean burning characteristics maintain a high heat output and maximum economy, making it an ideal choice for home heating systems
Red diesel (gas oil) can be used to heat properties as well as kerosene and fuel oil

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