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Industrial Heating Oil (IHO) Benefits

Industrial heating oil (IHO) is a drop-in replacement for red diesel, perfect for use in commercial boilers, heaters and dryers, to generate heat at a fraction of the cost.

Crown Oil

Discover the Many Benefits of Switching to Crown Oil’s IHO Today

Drop-in replacement for gas oil (red diesel)

IHO is compatible with BS2869 Class A2 10 ppm & Class D 1000 ppm, which means it’s fully miscible with red diesel, so there’s no need to run your tanks dry of existing fuel. You can refuel and go!

IHO is one of the UK’s leading fuel products authorised for use by many of the top boiler companies.

Prolonged shelf-life

IHO contains zero FAME content which means it doesn’t attract moisture like gas oil, which encourages the growth of diesel bug. This means fewer filter changes and lower maintenance costs, resulting in a 4 x longer shelf life than gas oil, with a reduced risk of waxing (solidifying) during the cold months. So you can buy in bulk and store year-round without the worry of your stock degrading in quality.

Clean burning fuel

IHO is light in colour, has a low odour and is sediment-free, making it a much cleaner fuel than other commercially available products. It also has a reduced sulphur content which lowers acidic flue gas emissions by up to 50% compared to Class D gas oil.

Fuel system cleanliness, corrosion protection & reduced emissions

IHO contains a multifunctional additive that provides fuel system cleanliness, corrosion protection, chamber deposit control and reduced emissions.

Cost-effective heating fuel

IHO not only burns more slowly than conventional red diesel, but industrial heating oil also offers a prolonged lifespan, is winter-grade, and has zero bio content, allowing it to be purchased in bulk and stored year-round with no risk of degradation or waxing.

We’ve sold over 185 million litres of IHO to customers who were previously using gas oil in the last 12 months. With vast stock onsite across our nationwide depots, call 0330 123 1444 to start reducing your commercial heating costs right away.

Tonnes of net CO2 saved across our transport fleet

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