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Significantly reduce home heating costs and improve oil-fired boiler efficiency with Kleenburn Kerosene, our eco-friendly, clean-burning kerosene. Call 0330 123 1444 today for a quote.

Crown Oil

Clean-Burning Heating Oil Delivered Across the UK

Are you looking for an environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional heating oil? Switch to our premium heating oil product, Kleenburn Kerosene, to keep your oil-fired boiler and fuel tank clean, improving the reliability, performance, efficiency and lifespan of your heating system.

Please note that Kleenburn Kerosene is a fully rebated product and must only be used for heating.

What is Kleenburn Kerosene?

With many years of research and development behind it, our Kleenburn Kerosene meets BS2869 Class C2 standards and has been specifically designed to improve oil-fired boiler efficiency and enable a huge reduction in home heating costs.

The clean-burning fuel helps to avoid common fuel-related problems that occur in boiler systems. This means you’ll lower your heating costs by reducing fuel consumption, which means less CO2 emissions.

If you’re in the North West and are looking for superior-performing kerosene for oil boilers, call our kerosene experts today on 0330 123 1444 to discuss your heating oil requirement. We can give you a no-obligation competitive quote for our heating oil prices and can deliver kerosene in barrels or in bulk quantities between 500 litres and 36,000+ litres.

Why choose Kleenburn Kerosene?

Your boiler will be cleaner

When using conventional kerosene, sludge and carbon residue can build up in your fuel tank and boiler, blocking pipes, filters and burners, and reducing the efficiency of your boiler. When using Kleenburn Kerosene, there is a reduced risk of maintenance issues and breakdowns as it contains active ingredients that tackle any build-up.

Your carbon footprint will be smaller

With Kleenburn Kerosene, your boiler doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain temperature and therefore burns less fuel. This means it emits less CO2, making it more cost-effective and environmentally friendly to run. That’s because it contains additives which break down sludge and other deposits into smaller, more manageable particles, allowing the fuel to pass through and burn more efficiently.

Your heating costs will be lower

Kleenburn Kerosene ages slower than conventional kerosene so you won’t need to place orders as frequently. It also has a reduced risk of degradation in the tank, if stored and maintained properly.

What’s more, burning oil more efficiently with a reduced risk of boiler breakdowns means you’ll benefit from both long and short-term savings. For example, the fuel has corrosion inhibition properties which reduces the likelihood of needing replacement parts, such as fuel tanks, fitting and pumps.

Benefits of Crown Oil’s Kleenburn Kerosene

Crown Oil’s Kleenburn Kerosene is a blend of kerosene that has been designed to offer home heating oil users:

  • Reduced carbon build-up
  • Fragrance enhanced to eliminate odours
  • Reduced sludge formation
  • Improved fuel efficiency from enhanced burner activity
  • Increased boiler performance
  • Ability to mix with any standard kerosene
  • An environmentally friendly fuel with much lower CO2 emissions
  • Compatible with all boilers

Ready to make the switch to a cleaner-burning heating oil? Call our expert team on 0330 123 1444 to find out more about this environmentally friendly fuel and its benefits.

Why you should choose Crown Oil for Kleenburn Kerosene

  • Standard 24 – 48 hour delivery – We offer a range of delivery options to ensure you never have to wait for that much-needed delivery, or even worse, experience business downtime
  • UK coverage – We really will deliver your Kleenburn Kerosene to wherever you are; with fuel depots all over the UK, we have some of the quickest delivery times in the industry. For our rural customers in hard to reach areas, we have baby tankers allowing us to navigate even the tightest corners with ease
  • Bulk deliveries – To enable you to make bigger savings in the long run and for those of you who need regular top-ups, we can supply kerosene from 500 litres up to 36,000 litres+ with a wide range of tankers on hand
  • Need less than 500 litres? – Don’t worry, we also supply 205-litre barrels if you don’t have the storage space
  • Flexible payment terms – For business customers, we offer some of the most flexible payment terms in the industry to suit your budget and schedule
  • Affordable prices – With our vast buying power, you’re guaranteed a great price for your Kleenburn Kerosene all year round
  • Unrivalled customer service – From our dedicated Account Managers to our friendly Delivery Drivers, our service is famously professional yet personal
  • Free fuel management service – We understand how busy your lives can be when running a business. Simply opt-in when ordering your red diesel and we’ll monitor your usage and provide top-ups when required

If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of our Kleenburn Kerosene or would like to request a quote, give our kerosene experts a call today on 0330 123 1444.

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