Kleenburn Kerosene

Our own clean-burning blend

With several years of research and development behind it, Kleenburn Kerosene has been developed to improve oil-fired boiler efficiency and allow a massive reduction in home heating costs.

Kleenburn Kerosene: Premium heating oil with a clean burning character

Crown Oil’s Kleenburn Kerosene has been designed and developed to offer home heating oil users these benefits:

  • Reduced carbon build-up
  • Fragrance enhanced to eliminate odours
  • Reduction in sludge formation
  • Improved fuel efficiency from enhanced burner activity
  • Increases boiler performance
  • Can be mixed with any standard kero
  • Environmentally friendly with much lower CO2 emissions
  • Kleenburn Kerosene works with all boilers

Crown Oil’s Kleenburn Kerosene is proving very popular with lots of our long-standing heating oil customers, with many choosing to swap from regular kerosene altogether.

Fancy making the switch to Kleenburn Kerosene?

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How does it work?

Kleenburn Kerosene: Clean burning heating oil and kerosene