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Crown Oil

Industrial Lubricants Supplier

We supply a wide range of commercial and industrial lubricants across the UK from leading manufacturers as well as custom blend specific products produced to meet your exact specifications. Call 0330 123 1444.

Crown Oil

Custom-Blended and OEM Approved Lubricants Delivered Nationwide

Our industrial oils and lubricants are all you need to keep your business operations running smoothly all year round. Our technicians have the expertise and knowledge needed to formulate highly specialised lubricants for every kind of business requirement.

From OEM approved oils and greases to in-house custom blends, we’re trusted by all industries to recommend and supply the best products.

Choosing the right industrial oils and lubricants for your operations will help maximise equipment performance and increase vehicle lifespan, which will ultimately help you keep costs low. And that means choosing a supplier you can trust.

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A wide range of lubricants for all industries

As one of the UK’s leading lubricant suppliers, we are trusted by countless businesses in many industries to provide the best product to suit their specific needs. Our technicians have decades of experience formulating highly specialised lubricants for every kind of industry requirement.

We can supply you with a whole range of industrial lubricants including:

Our industrial lubricants have many uses including:

  • Automatic transmission fluids
  • Biodegradable oils
  • Fully synthetic engine oils
  • Gear oils
  • Hydraulic oils
  • Light and heavy-duty diesel engine oils
  • Multi-purpose greases
  • Passenger car engine oils
  • Process oils
  • Transformer oils

More information on industrial lubricants

Used throughout a wide range of industries, our industrial lubricant range includes:

  • Compressor oils – Our lubricants come in a range of viscosities, using synthetic and mineral formulations
  • Fully-synthetic ester based lubricants are used in demanding air compressor and vacuum pump applications because of their enhanced properties, such as:
  • Excellent lubricity – items are prevented from slipping or sticking to slideways
  • Superb load-carrying capacity – slideways that carry a heavy load won’t wear as easily
  • Cleanliness – housekeeping and production problems are avoided as they reduce staining and dissolve oxidation by-products
  • Gear oils – Mineral, polyalykene-glycol (PAG) and Polyalphaolefin (PAO) based oils. Our range also includes non-EP and EP products for industrial gear lubricants
  • Highly refined mineral oil has a lubricant drain cycle of up to 2000 hours. These are suitable for rotary compressors that have gears, bearings and oil flooded screw-type rotors. For added efficacy, they have been compounded with an ashless additive system.
  • Hydraulic oils – Mineral lubricants, high viscosity index (HVI), zinc free, biodegradable, fire resistant ester and water glycol fluids
  • Polyalphaolefin (PAO) fluids are suitable to be used in oil-flooded rotary screw compressors in the most difficult operating conditions, so they can operate in harsh environments and under extreme temperatures.

Lubricants from leading manufacturers

Quality is imperative when it comes to lubricants. That’s why we’re proud to offer our customers an industry leading portfolio of lubricants, oils and grease from renowned manufacturers, such as Total, to help increase efficiency, enhance performance and reduce downtime.

Are you using your lubricants correctly?

When it comes to industrial oils and lubricants, using the right product for your equipment and machinery is key, but the method in which they are used is equally as important. Using lubricants properly will ensure your machinery benefits from a longer lifetime and reduced running costs.

Failing to implement proper lubrication management can negatively impact the performance of equipment, increase operational costs, or even force you to replace machinery. For tips on how to use your lubricants properly, read our eight rules to lubrication management or speak to one of our lubricants experts today by calling 0330 123 1444.

Why choose Crown Oil for your lubricants and oils?

Purchasing quality lubricants and oils from the right supplier will enable you to manage and extend the working life of your costly machinery and equipment. There are many benefits to choosing Crown Oil as your industrial oil supplier. We’re committed to helping you choose the right products to suit your exact needs.

  • Available in IBCs, 205-litre oil drums, 25-litre tubs or smaller quantities
  • A range of off-the-shelf lubricants from two of the most renowned names in the industry: Valvoline and Total
  • We blend our own range of lubricants in-house allowing us to provide quality assurance on all products
  • A team of in-house experts on hand to help you choose a product to suit your specific needs
  • Nationwide fuels and lubricants coverage to ensure we can deliver the fuels and lubricants wherever you are
  • The use of innovative packaging to ensure safe handling
  • Emergency fuels and lubricants deliveries, with same day and next day slots available to keep your operations running smoothly
  • Book a Standard or Premium lubricant health check to ensure the lubricants your business relies on are up to the job
  • Expert support from our in-house team of experienced chemists

Are you confident your lubrication system is smooth running?

Want to make sure your current lubrication solution is up to scratch? We offer a Standard and Premium Lubricant Health Check to determine if your current oils are in good condition and the best product for the job, and we’ll even recommend an alternative if necessary.

Learn more about what’s involved in both tiers by clicking on the button below.

Book a lubricant health check >>

If you’re looking for a new industrial lubricants supplier that can handle all of your lubricant requirements, call our lubricants experts today on 0330 123 1444 to discuss your requirements and see how we can help your business.

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