Commercial Lubricants

Commercial Lubricants

Commercial lubricants are used within heavy duty applications such as DAF, Scania, Cummins, Volvo and Mercedes Benz transport vehicles and equipment. Our commercial lubrication and grease products meet the recommendations of DIN, SAE, API and ACEA standards. These are stringent international performance specifications which Crown Oil strives to meet and exceed at all times. Our lubrication products are rigorously tested and promote fuel efficiency and low emissions within the commercial sector.

Crown Oil also offer a quality range of ancillary products;

  • Commercial Greases
  • AdBlue
  • Brake Fluids
  • Long-life Antifreeze

Other motor oils and lubricants available in our commercial range are:

  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Transmission Oil
  • Gear Oil
  • Axle Oil
  • Crankcase Oil

Heavy Duty Commercial Fleets & Plant

Our heavy duty lubricants are designed to operate in the most demanding conditions. Heavy duty lubrication formulations are:

  • Fully or Semi Synthetic
  • High Performance
  • Heavy Duty

Our products offer superior protection by providing extended drain intervals, sludge control, reduced consumption and dispersing soot. As a motor oil supplier, this emphasises our commitment on extended drain intervals and low maintenance costs for fuel and lubrication. Heavy duty lubrication products include:

  • Mineral engine oils & premium low SAPS fully synthetic – ACEA E6 & ACEA E9
  • Extended drain mineral oil formulations – ACEA E7
  • Mixed fleet diesel grades – Various Grades
  • Monograde diesel lubricants – Various Ratings
  • Fuel economy grades to help save on fuel and CO2 helping to optimise costs – for customers with a procurement policy focused on environmental protection.

Commercial Lubricants For Gas Engines

Modern gas engines handle a high amount of stress from gaseous fuel & provide a significant technical challenge to lubricant formulators. As poor quality fuel is often used, the engine can experience extreme operating conditions around the combustion chamber.

Choosing our lubricants will reduce your operational costs, avoid unscheduled maintenance and maximise in-service engine time. Our branded and own-brand products are reliable, durable and maintain your engine’s life whilst extending oil drain intervals.


Low Ash grades

Our low ash grade lubricants provide an excellent engine lubrication under severe conditions. They help keep your engine in a clean state by reducing the build up of soot, reducing engine friction and removing excess engine heat.

Medium Ash grades

Due to their low phosphorus level these are compatible with the “Non Selective Catalyst Reduction” (NSCR)-type catalysts.

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