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Diesel Engine Oils

Diesel engines require quality engine oils and lubricants to ensure a long lifespan. Crown Oil supplies engine oils for your diesel-fuelled machinery. Call 0330 123 1444 to find out more.

Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Oil to Keep Your Machinery Running Smoothly

Whether your business relies on road-going heavy-duty vehicles, such as a fleet of lorries, or off-road heavy-duty machinery like tractors, diesel engines need the best lubricants to guarantee a long life. Crown Oil is one of the UK’s leading fleet fuel and lubricant suppliers and can deliver the lubricants you need to keep your hardware moving smoothly while providing optimal fuel economy.

We supply diesel engine lubricants that are either mineral oils or synthetic oils in a range of quantities including:

  • 25-litre tubs
  • Bulk (500+ litres)
  • 45-gallon drums (205-litres)
  • IBCs (1000-litres)
  • Smaller quantities upon request.

Call Crown Oil today on 0330 123 1444 to discuss your requirements.

What is diesel engine oil?

Diesel engines must be well-lubricated to avoid untimely wear and tear of moving parts. To achieve this, lubricants are added with the end result of the engine lasting longer while saving you money in replacement costs.

To make the most of lubricating a diesel engine, it’s imperative to follow lubrication management best practices in order to keep your hardware running costs low, and to ensure your oils perform optimally.  Ordering in bulk means being able to replenish low oil levels without needing to source more oil.

Types of diesel engine oil

All engine oils are split into two main types defined by their base oil: synthetic oils and mineral oils. Of these, there are several subtypes that split into viscosity grades, and also different.

Within these two base oil types, engine oils are separated into different grades – or oil viscosities – which refer to what environment the engine oil is designed to be used in.

Specifically, the numbers in the engine oil grade refer to the minimum and normal operating temperatures of the engine. The minimum is followed by a W for winter, informing us of the temperature the oil remains fluid in winter.

For instance, 15W40 engine oil is designed to run in 40℃ temperature, but in cold environments can run at 15℃.

Engine oils also must meet specifications of the ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers ‘ Association – or Association des Constructeurs Européens d’Automobiles), which includes a letter to refer to the oil’s class and a number which refers to the category in that class.

As an example, E9 engine oil refers to use for heavy-duty diesel engines, with 9 being one of four classes (4, 6, 7 and 9) that take into account oil drain performance and Sulphated Ash, Phosphorus, and Sulphur (SAPS) levels. 

Speak with our lubricant team to discuss your business’ engine oil requirements.

Our range of engine oils

Crown Oil can supply your business with engine oils in a range of engine oil grades that are suited for your usage. Below is a run down of the lubricants we offer for your diesel-fuelled vehicles.

Commercial engine oils

  • E9 15W40 engine lubricant
  • SHPD 15W40 crankcase oil
  • EURO 6 10W40 crankcase oil

For our full range of automotive oils and fluids, view our Vehicle Industry brochure.

Passenger car engine oils

  • LSM 5W30 petrol and diesel engine oil
  • LSV 5W30 petrol and diesel engine oil
  • SS 10W40 semi-synthetic passenger car engine oil

For our full range of automotive oils and fluids, view our Vehicle Industry brochure.

Agriculture and off-highway

  • SUTO 15W30 multi-purpose
  • UTTO tractor oil
  • TO4 transmission oils

For our full range of farming engine oils and fluids, view our Agricultural and Off-Highway brochure.

Why choose Crown Oil for diesel engine oils?

With nearly 75 years of experience in supplying UK businesses with fuels and oils, there are plenty of reasons to choose us for your lubricant requirements. 

  • Available in bulk, IBCs, 25-litre tubs, 205-litre drums or smaller quantities upon request
  • All lubricants are quality assured to guarantee advanced formulas
  • Our chemists can custom make your very own blend
  • We have a team of experts on hand to provide advice on the best oils for you
  • Nationwide lubricant deliveries
  • Same day and next day deliveries for when you’re in an emergency
  • To see for yourself, call us today on 0330 123 1444 to order your diesel engine oils.

Contact Crown Oil’s team of lubricant specialists to discuss your diesel engine oil requirements – call 0330 123 1444 today.

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