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Crown Oil

Nationwide Hydraulic Oil Supplier

Of all the lubricants we produce, hydraulic oil is by far one of the most popular oils which we’re asked to blend and supply throughout the UK.

Hydraulic oil is often used in coolants to sealants and is commonly used by industries including construction, manufacturing and aviation.

For more information regarding our fluids for hydraulics, call our team of lubricants experts on 0330 123 1444 today.

What is hydraulic oil?

Hydraulic oil (fluid) is a mixture of mineral oil and additives that aid the transfer of power in hydraulic machinery.

What is hydraulic fluid used for?

Where hydraulic power is used, hydraulic oil is required to aid the movement. It can be used in the following machinery:

Hydraulic Brakes
Power Steering
Flight Control Systems in Aircraft
Hydraulic Jacks

It’s important that the correct hydraulic oil is used for its proper application. Our advisers can help you identify the correct oil for you but, we also blend our own range of hydraulic oils should require something tailored to you.

You can learn more about hydraulic oil in our guide. You can also find out about the different hydraulic oil classifications if you need.

Why choose Crown Oil’s hydraulic oils?

At Crown Oil, we blend our very own range of high-quality hydraulic oils. These mineral oil based fluids contain additives that enhance the anti-wear, anti-foam and anti-rust properties whilst boosting the oxidation resistance of the working fluid.

The resultant high-performance oil provides long life to your industrial hydraulic systems.

Read our hydraulic oil product spec here. 

Hydraulic types

Eco-friendly hydraulic oil

Synthetic hydraulic fluids

Industrial hydraulic oils

Vegetable based hydraulic fluid

Mineral hydraulic fluid

Anti-wear hydraulic oil

Reliable performance

Crown Hydraulic Oils are blended to meet the requirements of the following specifications:

DIN 51524 Part 2 (HLP)
Sperry Vickers 1-286-S
ISO 6743/4 (HM)
Afnor NF E 48-603 (HM)
Denison TP 02100
ISO 11158 (HM)
VDMA 24318
US Steel 126,127

Below is a table of physical properties for our blend hydraulic oils; their ISO reference, hydraulic oil viscosity, density, flash point and pour point – follow the link for more information about each blend of hydraulic fluid:

Hydraulic Oil Blend ISO Reference Density Kg/L Viscosity @40°C Viscosity @100°C VI Flash Point °C Pour Point °C
Hydraulic 10 ISO 10 0.843 9.7 2.10 80 160 -15
Hydraulic 15 ISO 15 0.860 16.2 3.40 78 180 -15
Hydraulic 22 ISO 22 0.862 21 4.15 97 214 -9
Hydraulic 27 ISO 27 0.861 27 4.95 108 205 -13
Hydraulic 32 ISO 32 0.860 32 5.3 115 214 -15
Hydraulic 37 ISO 37 0.864 37 6.1 112 214 -14
Hydraulic 46 ISO 46 0.869 46 7.0 108 230 -13
Hydraulic 68 ISO 68 0.878 68 8.8 101 240 -11
Hydraulic 100 ISO 100 0.890 100 11.2 97 240 -9
Hydraulic 150 ISO 150 0.891 150 14.7 97 240 -9
Hydraulic 220 ISO 220 0.895 220 19.0 97 250 -9
Hydraulic 320 ISO 320 0.900 320 24.3 97 250 -8

Hydraulic oil suppliers

For more information regarding our fluids for hydraulics, call our team of lubricants experts on 0330 123 1444 today.

As nationwide hydraulic oil suppliers, Crown Oil can supply packs of 20/25 litres and 205-litre drums of hydraulic oil to you no matter where you are in the UK.

We can deliver same day, next day or whenever you require oil anywhere in the UK.

We also offer bulk hydraulic oil deliveries. For these larger orders, call our knowledgeable team on 0330 123 1444, regarding a tailored blend for a specific purpose.

Crown Hydraulic 46 - Hydraulic Oil Suppliers

Hydraulic oil prices

As we blend our lubricants at our headquarters, we not only offer incredible consistency with our oil but, our hydraulic oil prices are the most competitive in the UK.

Don’t pay more than you need to for lower quality oil when you can have your very own blend of hydraulic oil supplied by one of the UK’s leading lubricant manufacturers!

Buy hydraulic oil today

Buy hydraulic oils from Crown Oil and get high-quality lubrication and performance. Our prices are the most competitive in the UK, and our deliveries are designed to work around you.

As one of the UK’s largest hydraulic oil suppliers, we should be able to help you with everything you need.

Looking for a bulk hydraulic oil supplier near you?

As a UK leading bulk hydraulic oil supplier, we can distribute hydraulic fluids in a wide range of quantities from IBCs, 205-litre barrels, 25-litre tubs to smaller quantities.

If you’re ready to learn more and would like to discuss your requirements further with our friendly and knowledgeable team. You can do so by calling us today on 0330 123 1444.

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