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Oil Storage Tanks

Suitable for all fuels and additives, our tanks are available nationwide, in a variety of sizes, forms and volumes to suit your specific needs. Call 0330 123 1444

Crown Oil

Safe Storage for Your Fuels, Oils and Lubricants Across the UK

The safe storage of your fuels and lubricants, whether it be at your business premises or at your home, is of utmost importance to us here at Crown Oil. Not only must you ensure your containers are free from leaks and spills, but there’s the added worry of damage to the environment and the security of your fuels.

Complete range of tanks to reduce operating costs

As a leading UK supplier of fuels and lubricants, we also supply a wide array of storage tanks, as well as ancillary products to ensure safe handling and storage at all times. Whether you’re a business or homeowner, we have the facilities to meet your requirements and budget.

Apart from wasted fuel, the clean-up costs of just a small amount of fuel in the ground, buildings or watercourses can be huge.

Here at Crown Oil, we understand what is required for an effective storage solution, which is why we have a huge range of products on offer. Our tanks range from 500 to 100,000-litre capacities and can even be custom-made to meet your exact requirements.

How will Crown Oil fuel tanks benefit you?

  • 10-year warranty supplied as standard
  • Complete protection from UV rays
  • Corrosion prevention technology
  • Can be tailor-made or bought off-the-shelf
  • Available for hire or purchase
  • User-friendly and easy-to-maintain
  • Fully compliant with all safety and environmental standards
  • Easily accessed connections
  • Long-lasting, sturdy construction

Permanent on-site storage tank

For those of you who require a regular supply of fuels and oils, an onsite storage tank makes good sense for the convenience, security and cost of your supply; having the storage facility enables you to buy in bulk and save money in the long run.

Our storage tanks are suitable for all fuels and additives that we supply, such as red diesel and biodiesel; we also supply AdBlue storage tanks. Each is available in a variety of sizes, forms and volumes to suit your specific needs, including bunded tanks, bunded oil dispensing units or movable bowsers.

As a well-known fuels and lubricants specialist, you can trust us in our tank storage expertise. Get in touch with our friendly team by giving us a call today on 0330 123 1444 to talk through your needs and requirements.

Sustainable fuel stations: The CrownCube

We’re proud to offer CrownCube fuel stations to ensure the safe storage of your sustainable fuels. The tanks come in either 5,300-litre or 20,000-litre capacity and offer superior security for stationary fuelling. Featuring a full-height lockable cabinet and secure hose access, these bulk storage units are perfect for long-term projects. With a 110% bunded design that complies with BS799 Part 5, the CrownCube ensures an environmentally safe solution for bulk fuel storage.

We can also offer a flexible trial package which includes a sustainable fuel station loan. Call us today on 0330 107 1329 to discuss the various options available.


  • Shutter access door – high-security locking system to protect your liquid assets
  • 110% bunded – environmentally safe outer tank can hold all contents from the inner tank to prevent leaking
  • Access hatch – easy maintenance and access to the inner tank
  • Lifting eyes – ensures easy handling (empty only) and positioning onsite
  • Safe solution – tried and tested approved storage to keep your fuel safe outdoors
  • Pump cabinet – 600mm depth for easy install of pumps and accessories
Crown Oil HVO Fuel Cube 2023

Fuel management station – For fleet refuelling or dispensing fuel, tanks can be fitted to become complete fuel management systems (track and control fuel levels ensuring efficient fuel safety and accountability). Fuel stations provide one fuelling point onsite, reducing the risk of spills and unnecessary tanker movements.

Standby power application – The CrownCube tanks are ideal for large projects that require generator power installations and other standby applications.

Bulk fuel storage – This product range can be used to refuel vehicles, construction machinery and agricultural equipment efficiently. They are ideal for large equipment fleets that require constant storage onsite, allowing significant cost savings with the purchase of fuel.

Thinking of replacing your fuel tank?

Contact Crown Oil first. If you have an existing fuel tank that you had planned to replace, our specialist fuel polishing and tank cleaning services may be able to make your tanks re-useable once again. That way, you can save money in not having to replace your tank. It’s important to ensure your fuel is kept in optimum condition, to ensure the longevity of your fuels, tanks, engines and machinery.

If a repair isn’t feasible and you need to replace an old storage tank, we can provide a fuel uplift service and tank removal service to enable the job to be done safely and in line with current legislation.

Removal of old fuels and storage tanks

There are dozens of reasons why you may find that your old storage solutions require removal from your site. For instance, the old storage tanks may not be large enough to meet your requirements and you may not have the space to fit additional tanks. As so, replacing the existing storage solution will limit the additional space required to do so.

In other cases, the old tank may need moving to another part of your site or an entirely different site. But due to the condition of the tank, it may be deemed unsafe to relocate it, so a brand new storage tank would make more sense.

Or of course, it may just be the case that you may no longer require a local store of fuels, oils or lubricants on your premises along with the additional maintenance and upkeep of the tank and its contents. So the financial costs of maintaining and monitoring it no longer make any sense.

Whatever the reason for choosing to remove and potentially replace your existing storage solution, we’re sure we can find a solution to help you with whatever you need. Our storage tank removal services include a range of additional services to help ensure everything is removed safely and efficiently with the least amount of disruption to your business or home.

Our tank removal services include:

  • Safe removal of oil from the old container
  • Removal of the old tank
  • Assembly and connection of the new tank
  • Refill of the new tank with the desired product

Ready to find out more about our storage tank solutions? Call our friendly team today on 0330 123 1444 to discuss your requirements and get answers to your storage tank related questions.

Need something extra – No problem

We are confident we can exceed your expectations. We also provide:

  • Lugs for cranes and lifts
  • Lockable lid covers
  • Ladder stays
  • Forklift entry points
  • Compatibility with the latest electrical devices

If you’re unsure about which storage solution will be most suitable for your requirements, our team of oil storage experts will be happy to offer any help and advice you may need. Simply call us today on 0330 123 1444 to learn more.

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