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Red Diesel Price Per Litre – Get Today’s Latest Price

We can offer you a competitive red diesel price for your business. We also offer same day & next day red diesel deliveries to wherever you are in the country. Call 0330 123 1444 to get today's best price

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Latest Red Diesel Price Per Litre – Call Now!

To check the latest cost of red diesel and to find out how much a red diesel delivery will cost, call us on 0330 123 1444 and request a quote based on today’s prices.

Can I get a red diesel price online?

Red diesel prices change many times in a single day and depend on quantity and location, so it’s not as simple as putting the prices on our website. Regardless, we will always try our best to beat any red diesel price in the UK.

If you’re a regular user of red diesel and want to avoid the ever-fluctuating prices, we can fix the cost of red diesel for you. Through our contract retention service, we will provide you with guaranteed fuel deliveries and a static red diesel fuel price for the whole year. Therefore, you can be assured that you will never run out of red diesel.

As a nationwide fuel supplier, we deliver all of our fuels and lubricants to commercial and domestic customers across the UK. With local fuel depots in strategic locations throughout the country, you can count on us to provide a local fuel delivery service within 48 hours of purchase.

Whether you’re in the South-East of England or the North of England and beyond, one thing you can be sure of is our friendly and reliable delivery service.

Give our fuel experts a call today on 0330 123 1444 to find out the latest red diesel prices and request a quote based on your red diesel requirements.

How much is red diesel? What is today’s red diesel price per litre?

How much you will pay for red diesel changes every day – there is no fixed red diesel price for 2024 – so if you want to know the cost of a red diesel delivery to your location, get in touch with Crown Oil today for an up-to-date gas oil price.

To find out how much a red diesel delivery would be, you can use our quick quote form or call us on 0330 123 1444 to speak to one of our fuel experts today.

Who can deliver red diesel to me?

Crown Oil has 75 years of experience delivering red diesel and other fuels and oils across the UK. Our fleet of tanker trucks is always on the road delivering fuel, so you can rely on us to supply your red diesel in a timely manner, anywhere you need it.

What affects red diesel prices?

It’s impossible to know exactly how red diesel prices will change from week to week. But keeping an eye on the market and ordering ahead of winter when demand is high will help to keep prices low. Other factors that can affect red diesel prices include crude oil prices, VAT rates, conflict in oil-producing countries and refining costs.

At Crown Oil, we always aim to get you the best price for your gas oil – we purchase in bulk so we can pass on these savings to you. You might benefit from purchasing in bulk too so you can see bigger savings over time, rather than making small and regular orders. We have a range of storage tanks available for delivery too, allowing you to store your bulk red diesel safely and within the law.

Fuel TypeBulk Buy Discount?Duty Rate
Red Diesel / Red HVO BarrelNo11.14ppl
Red Diesel / Red HVO <1000LNo11.14ppl
Red Diesel / Red HVO 5000L+Yes11.14ppl
White Diesel / White HVO BarrelNo57.95ppl
White Diesel / White HVO <1000LNo57.95ppl
White Diesel / White HVO 5000L+Yes57.95ppl

Who can use red diesel?

Red diesel is used across many industries and accounts for approximately 15% of diesel use. After the 1st of April 2022, the following categories can use red diesel:

  • Travelling fairs and circuses
  • Fuel used for non-commercial purposes – electricity generation and heating
  • Agriculture, horticulture, fish farming and forestry
  • Rail transport
  • Community amateur sports clubs and golf courses
  • Sailing, boating and marine transport (excluding private pleasure craft in Northern Ireland)

To learn more about the rules and regulations that surround red diesel usage, visit our red diesel FAQ page.

If you would like to request a quote for your requirements, based on the latest red diesel prices, give our fuel experts a call today on 0330 123 1444.

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