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For all the information that you need for buying your fuels, oils and lubricants from Crown Oil, our resource centre is here to answer every question and provide all you need to ensure an easy fuel supply experience.

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Red diesel can be confusing to those that are new to the fuel, but it needn’t be – Crown Oil answers every question about the fuel.

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Latest News

Road Safety In The UK – How Safe Are Our Roads?

Crown Oil press release Published: 14 November 2019 In time for Road Safety Week 2019, new research by Manchester-based fuel supplier Crown Oil into five years’ worth of the Government’s road accident figures up to 2018 reveals that Powys tops a list of the 20 most deadly places in Britain to drive. The data from the Department for Transport shows that, when accounting for population, Powys had the most fatalities…

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Sailors to be Considered in UK Pleasure Craft Red Diesel Ban

Does the proposed red diesel ban float your boat? The rules and regulations surrounding the use of red diesel in UK boats have been under scrutiny for several years. We’re all patiently waiting in anticipation of the outcome, but in the meantime, we thought we should discuss recent developments and where we’re currently at, including sailors being consulted about the planned red diesel ban and Brussel’s recent decision to continue…

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4 Fuel Mistakes That Will Come Back to Haunt You

With Halloween fast approaching, we’ve put together some common fuel mistakes that our customers make to help you avoid your business’s worst nightmare. If you’re brave enough to creep onto our haunted website, read on and we’ll help ensure that Trick-or-Treaters are the only thing giving you a fright this year. Irregular fuel and tank inspections Leaving your fuel to run on contaminated fuel is a scary concept  Powering your…

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Up to £260 Million in Tax Owed to HMRC by Fuel Fraudsters

An estimated £190 million in duty and VAT is owed to HMRC by fuel fraudsters in the last year – although this tax gap figure could be as high as £260 million [1]. With as many as 5,821 instances of fuel fraud uncovered so far since 2016, the crime makes up as much as 2% of the UK diesel market, according to HMRC figures obtained by fuel supplier Crown Oil…

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Winter-Proof Yourself With These Steps

Summer is at an end and the weather is turning colder. At the same time every year, many Brits are caught unprepared for winter’s weather. Added to this, a recent forecast1 reveals that January and February 2020 could be the coldest in several years, so if you and your home aren’t prepared for freezing temperatures, you could be caught out in a particularly harsh winter. With that in mind, we…

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