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Fuel Polishing

Confident your fuel is contaminant-free? Our completely non-disruptive fuel cleaning service will get your fuel back to perfection to save it rather than replace it.

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Increase Equipment Lifespan and Reduce Costs

If you’ve been storing fuel for a long period of time, there’s a good chance that particulates and water have accumulated inside the tank. The presence of unwanted contaminants can damage your fuel supply system and potentially lead to generator and engine failure in the future. Before you spend the time and money replacing your fuel, consider taking advantage of our fuel polishing service.

Fuel polishing: a non-disruptive way to save your fuel

Let us breathe new life into your contaminated supply, saving you the waste cost and hassle of an emergency fuel replacement. Using the latest technology, we can polish your fuel back to perfection, securing the future of your power supply.

Fuel Polish2

Our service is completely non-disruptive, so you’ll still be able to use the fuel whilst we polish it, depending on the severity of contamination.

Want to find out more about fuel polishing? Read our Fuel Polishing FAQ where we cover the service in more detail. Alternatively, you can call our team on 0333 004 0340 to learn more and see how this service could benefit you and your business.

Is your fuel up to the required safety standards?

Our fuel technicians will take a fuel sample both before and after the polishing process, to enable you to ascertain the improved quality of your product. Our team of in-house chemists will generate a comprehensive report within our laboratory, to illustrate the quality improvement.

If you don’t have regular quality checks and your fuel does not meet the required quality, your engine runs poorly, fuel pumps will fail and injectors will become blocked. If your machinery isn’t running at its optimum condition, fuel analysis will find out why.

How will fuel polishing benefit you?

  • Low-cost, efficient and safe process
  • Secures the future of your fuel supply
  • Completely non-disruptive
  • Fast process – up to 25,000 litres of fuel can be polished within 1 hour
  • Negates the need to carry out any wasteful fuel replacement

How fuel polishing works in order to clean your fuel

Fuel Polishing

Could your fuel benefit from fuel polishing? If so, contact our environmental team today on 0333 004 0340 to get answers to your questions and discuss your requirements.

How does fuel polishing work?

Over time, contaminants such as water, bacteria, varnish and sludge can build up in your storage tank. This can negatively affect the lifespan of your fuel. The most economical way to combat this is through fuel polishing, a solution which prevents expensive replacement and equipment damage.

There is a specific sequence to the stages involved, and it’s very important that these follow each other This is to make sure that the fuel has all contaminants, such as sediment, sludge and water removed.

We don’t leave your site until the fuel is in perfect condition

When onsite, we use a particle counter to check the condition of your diesel fuel. This measures all of the unwanted particles that have accumulated within the tank to give us an insight into the state of the fuel.

Fuel polishing involves a combination of filtration and depolymerisation to break down particulates of water, sediment and microbial contamination, to return your fuel to as good as new.

We use a traffic light system to showcase the results. A green light indicates that the fuel meets current specification; amber means the fuel is just short of meeting the criteria and will require a polish, whilst a red light indicates that an intensive fuel polishing process will need to take place.

Our service is kind to the environment as well as the best way to maintain your fuel quality. We also ensure that the bacteria cannot return by neutralising any residual micro-fine particles.

To help us complete this work, we have invested in a new state-of-the-art fuel conditioning unit. This allows us to clean the fuel in a quick and efficient manner without compromising the quality of the fuel. Our fuel polisher is one of the fastest in the country, filtering up to 25,000 litres of fuel per hour down to the filtration level of 1 micron. This is by any standard, the best you can get.

Ready to learn more about our Fuel Polishing services? Contact our Environmental Team today on 0333 004 0340 to get answers to your questions and discuss your fuel oil cleaning requirements.

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