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Crown Oil

Fuel Uplift Service

Our fuel uplift services take away the hassle of having redundant fuels onsite. If you have more than 1,000 litres onsite, we can remove it for you safely to avoid an environmental hazard. Call 0333 004 0340

Crown Oil

Award-Winning Fuel Uplift and Transfer Service

Do you have redundant fuels or oils onsite?

Redundant or contaminated fuels need to be removed and recycled safely because if a spillage occurs and oil enters the ground or a water source, you are breaking the law. This is where Crown Oil comes in.

If the fuel can be recycled, we will aim to turn this waste asset into profit by safely removing the oil and residuals and polishing it back to perfection. If beyond reuse as it’s too badly contaminated, we will dispose of it safely in accordance with the required environmental standards.

How does a fuel uplift work?

  1. Firstly, we conduct a site survey and technical evaluation of the material to assess its condition, its potential value and the best method of recovery
  2. We develop a phased plan for removal with appropriate risk and environmental assessments
  3. We remove the primary material, if necessary, release it to the market and then arrange payment
  4. We remove any tank residues, de-gas the tank if necessary and either decommission it to permit future use or completely remove it from the site.

If you have a specific requirement, we can uplift your fuel whenever required, but this can prove costly. We strongly recommend that you invest in a more regular fuel management service to provide a proactive approach to looking after your fuel.

Why choose Crown Oil to uplift fuels?

Our fuel uplifts will take away the hassle of having redundant fuels onsite. With over 75 years’ experience uplifting fuel for businesses throughout the UK, no job is too large for our team of engineers.

Please note, the minimum amount we will uplift is 1000 litres.

Fuel Uplifts

We can test, monitor, clean and transfer fuel on a fixed price on a yearly basis which will help you avoid having to replace your entire tank and its contents.

Want to see our incredible service in action? Watch our video of a recent fuel transfer case study at the Centrica Power Station.

For more information on the planned preventative maintenance that Crown Oil can provide, visit our environmental divisions’ website Crown Oil Environmental or call our fuel experts today on 0333 004 0340.

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