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Industrial Tank Foam Filling

Safely decommission your fuel tank with foam filling to avoid disruption in your operations. Call 0333 004 0340 to speak to an expert.

Crown Oil

Industrial Tank Foam Filling – Decommissioning Above & Underground Tanks

As leading UK professionals in fuel tank decommissioning and removals, we provide a range of tailored solutions to ensure your tank can be rendered safe. If it’s not feasible to clean and physically remove an oil tank, or you want to use it in the future, our engineers can carry out industrial tank foam filling. As its name suggests, this service involves filling a tank with RG22 hard foam to safely decommission it without disrupting your operations.

Get in touch with our tank specialists on 0333 004 0340 to learn more about our tank decommissioning services.

What is the safest way to decommission oil storage tanks?

Any tank that’s no longer in use poses a risk to the environment and public safety. Regardless of a tank being cleaned, there’s still a risk of it re-gassing, which is why any redundant tank must be safely removed or filled with foam.

With RG22 hard foam filling, tank decommissioning can be carried out without the need for digging works, reducing the risk of business downtime. Unlike with other filling materials such as concrete, the tank does not need to be degassed before injecting the resin. However, it must be emptied beforehand using our fuel uplift service because the foam will absorb any remaining hydrocarbons left in the tank, making the tank dormant and safe.

A flexible decommissioning solution

A key benefit of foam filling a storage tank is that if you need to use the tank in the near future, our experts can remove the foam, clean the tank and put it back into use. Many other products on the market require the tank to be destroyed, however RG22 hard foam can be easily removed. That’s because it’s light but strong enough to withstand external factors even if the tank can’t, such as if it’s corroded.

How does tank foam filling work?

Our experts can safely decommission a storage tank by injecting a specialised expanding foam through a small opening, where it then expands to fill the entirety of the tank interior before hardening. This effectively seals it off from the outside environment whilst strengthening the tank’s structure.

Once complete, you’ll receive a certificate which states that the tanks are safe in situ, and a hazardous waste note for any waste removed from site.

Benefits of decommissioning with foam filling

  • Light and cost-effective but still durable
  • Environmentally friendly, rot-proof and non-combustible
  • Resistant to inorganic solvents – completely safe installation process
  • Absorption of hydrocarbons, preventing further soil pollution
  • Strong foam, capable of withstanding external factors, even after deterioration of the oil tank
  • Complete fill to prevent gas build-up
  • Lightweight – easy destruction-free tank-decommissioning

Foam filled tank removal

Once your tank is filled with foam and your documentation issued, the tank can remain safely underground for as long as required. However, should the tank need to be removed in the future, our team can safely remove, transport and dispose of your foam filled tank whilst adhering to the relevant regulations.

If you need to decommission a tank but are unsure of the best solution for your needs, contact our experts on 0333 004 0340 to learn more about our foam filling services.

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