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Industrial Tank Lining

Is your tank looking a little worse for wear, with signs of cracks or corrosion? Get in touch today to learn more about our tank lining service. Call 0333 004 0340

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Industrial Tank Lining: A Cost-Effective Alternative to Tank Replacement

Is your tank looking a little worse for wear, with signs of cracks or corrosion?

Old tanks are often discarded of when they can instead be used for years to come via our tank lining service.

Tank lining, also known as a double-skin tank enhancement service can bring an otherwise damaged above or underground tank back to a serviceable condition using protective coatings and linings to avoid the need for a full tank replacement.

Our experts have restored a huge range of tanks across all sectors that would have instead been removed and replaced. Give us a call on 0333 004 0340 to find out more about how we can restore your tank(s).

What is tank lining?

Tank lining is a cost-effective and more environmentally friendly way to extend the life of a tank to ensure it remains compliant. It brings a storage vessel in line with current regulations without the downtime, inconvenience and expense of tank replacement.

By creating a resistant barrier to seal the tank shell, tank lining protects it from corrosion. By preserving the quality of the stored contents and acting as a barrier, it protects the interior from damage and ultimately contamination.

Providing increased longevity, tank lining enables further use as a sustainable practice rather than constructing a new storage tank that contributes to waste.

How does tank lining work?

Fuel tank lining involves creating a double wall tank inside of an existing tank to prolong its life. Our experts will repair and coat it using fibreglass and polyester resins to verify its integrity whilst meeting all the required regulations.

Creating an internal bund within a tank means the stored liquid is contained within the vessel which reduces the risk of leaks while protecting the existing substrate from further damage. Plus, it includes a permanent leak detection system which will alarm you of any issues from within.

Crown Oil uses the industry’s most cutting-edge equipment to ensure the highest technological and quality standards. Call 0333 004 0340 to find out more about our tank lining service.

Benefits of tank lining

  • Suitable for any type of new/old, under/aboveground storage tank
  • Fully documented service for complete peace of mind
  • 15-year warranty via Rafibra
  • Prolongs the life of a storage system
  • Much quicker return to service than tank replacement
  • Provides a reliable & permanent leak detection system
  • Avoids the high costs of a full tank replacement
  • Conforms to BS EN 13160 – 2016
  • No need for permits or building works
  • Produced in line with UN 53935 and UNE 62422 standards
  • Prevents contamination/corrosion

The importance of tank lining

Tank lining is a key requirement for fuel storage systems to maintain industry standards while adhering to strict health and safety regulations.

When storing and handling fuels, you have a legal duty to protect the local environment from leaks and spills. This involves preventing corrosion and damage to your storage tanks. It’s often difficult to detect leaks before the damage has already been done, especially within underground tanks.

Tank lining not only protects the environment but avoids the risk and high-cost implications of contaminated fuel, damaged tanks and ultimately, environmental damage, giving you complete peace of mind that your stored fuels are safely contained within.

Is your tank looking a little worse for wear, with signs of cracks or corrosion? Get in touch today to learn more about our tank lining service.

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