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Priority Fuel Contracts

What would happen if your business ran out of fuel? Come on board so you can be confident that in an emergency, your supply of fuel is already on its way to you. Call 0330 123 1444

Crown Oil

Does Your Business Rely on Regular and Reliable Fuel Deliveries?

If you’re looking for total assurance that your fuel delivery is never more than a few hours away, consider taking advantage of our priority fuel contract service. With this, we’ll make you our top priority whenever you have a fuel-related need.

How will Crown Oil’s priority fuel contract benefit your business?

Disastrous consequences can occur as a result of running out of fuel. For some industries, it’s vital that you have a constant, reliable fuel supply in order to maintain smooth-running operations. Our priority fuel contract service is the perfect option for any business or organisation that does not want to run the risk of being without fuel or power.

With our priority contract service, you’ll gain access to a host of premium service benefits to ensure your business never runs out of fuel again:

  • Your business’ fuel needs become our priority
  • Fuel orders will always reach you within a matter of hours
  • Orders can be placed 24/7, night or day
  • A wide range of service level agreement (SLA) options are available
  • You’ll be assigned a dedicated Account Manager to take charge of your business’s fuel needs

How does the priority fuel contract work?

For an annual fee, we’ll have your emergency fuel delivery with you whenever the need arises within an agreed time limit from the minute you place an order. You can count on Crown Oil to arrive on time, every time.

Which businesses will benefit the most from a priority contract?

If your company regularly buys fuels and oils and relies on them to operate your business. Not only that, if you simply cannot afford to run the risk of putting up with the disruption caused by running low or even out of any of the fuels and oils that help to keep your business operations running day to day.

Then it’s very likely that a priority contract from Crown Oil will become an invaluable way for you and your company to achieve guaranteed smooth-running operations.

Organisations benefiting from priority fuel contracts

Nearly all businesses that rely heavily on fuels for 100% uptime pose the risk of fuel levels running unexpectedly low. As research shows, much of the downtime businesses face is fuel-related.

Some of the businesses and organisations currently benefitting from a priority contract include:

  • Hospitals and nursing homes
  • Data centres and Internet hosting companies
  • Food factories, farms, perishable goods stockists, storage of cold items
  • Music venues, festivals and large-scale events
  • Golf courses, restaurants and hotels
  • Universities, colleges and schools
  • Government buildings
  • Any other businesses that deal with emergencies

If you believe this service may be of interest to your company or organisation, call our priority fuel contracts team today on 0330 123 1444 to learn more about our services and how they could benefit you.

Please note, that this service is only available to business customers and other non-domestic organisations such as those listed above.

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