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Tank Telemetry: Oil Tank Monitoring

Offering complete fuel stock visibility, sudden drop and leak alerts, Crown Telemetry systems provide peace of mind that your tank levels optimal.

Crown Oil

Tank Telemetry: Remote Monitoring of Your Fuel’s Levels

Crown Telemetry gives you complete control over your stored fuel across your entire organisation. From fuel to lubricants, waste oil and a wide range of common liquids, you can view in-depth, real-time data about your tank population anywhere, at any time.

Gain complete peace of mind that your tank levels optimal across your business. All aspects of your stored fuel will be proactively managed by your account manager, so you can focus on what matters most: your business.

What is Crown Telemetry?

Through the installation of sensors, we can manage your stored fuel and report back to you on your supply, giving you complete visibility of your stored fuel’s quantity across your entire tank population.

Why use Crown Telemetry

Why use Crown Telemetry?

Personalised dashboard to meet your individual needs

Leave your fuel needs to an expert, safe in the knowledge that your supply is in good hands. If tank levels run low, the dashboard will alert your account manager, so they can arrange a delivery before you risk any site downtime.

Alternatively, you can gain access to a bespoke dashboard, tailored to the specific needs of your organisation. You can log in on any web enabled device and view your fuel supply data, including statistics, statuses and measurements from every tank across your business or property.

Predetermined automatic top-ups

With Crown Telemetry, you can decide the threshold for when the sensors alert your account manager that your site needs a top up to ensure you never risk running out of fuel.

Multiple platforms

Whether you’re on the go or in the office, Crown Telemetry allows you to view your fuel data at the touch of a button, avoiding the requirement for key personnel to be on site.

Traceable security

You can also choose to have a fob or keypad-based security system installed on your tank. This not only provides an extra layer of security, but also increases traceability by supplying data on who accessed your tank and when, in addition to how much fuel they’ve used.

Web dashboard 

The Crown Telemetry monitoring dashboard provides the usage data you need to avoid site downtime, presented in a clear, user-friendly format that’s easy to navigate.

View data quickly and easily

Crown Telemetry provides valuable insights into your fuel consumption and trends across the year. It calculates usage patterns and alerts you of predicted run-out dates. The dashboard tells you how many days fuel you have remaining based on your average consumption.

Your tank’s data is stored, processed and sent straight to any web enabled device via our secure database, giving you full visibility across several areas of your choice.

How does Crown Telemetry work?

There are many types of sensors that we install into our customers’ fuel tanks. These provide instant fuel tank alerts when fuel levels drop below a predetermined threshold, significantly reducing the risk of running tanks dry and ultimately avoiding any disruption in your operations.

Learn more about telemetry in our oil tank monitoring guide.

How does Crown Telemetry work

Main users of tank telemetry systems

  • Anyone who uses regular emergency deliveries
  • Anyone who frequently runs out of fuel
  • Large-quantity fuel users looking to outsource or streamline their supply chain
  • Organisations with multiple sites to reduce the stress of managing a large tank population
  • Some domestics such as stately homes or holiday homes
Main users of tank telemetry systems

Variety of reporting options

  • Real-time
  • Hourly
  • Daily
  • Weekly

To find out whether tank telemetry is right for you and your business, get in touch today by calling 0330 123 1444 or by speaking to your account manager

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