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We’re a Finalist in the Sustainability Business Champion Award!

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re a finalist in the Sustainability category of the Business Champion Awards. With over 800 applications, we’ve made the top 10 entrants for this award, a fantastic achievement that the team and everyone involved should be extremely proud of.

It’s fantastic to be recognised by such a prestigious award for our environmental efforts, including how we’re changing our internal and external systems, ensuring sustainability is embedded into our entire business culture and educating our customers to provide greater awareness of switching to cleaner renewable fuels.

By using our influential position within the industry, including our data, know-how and passion, we can educate and motivate our customers to move away from fossil fuels to cleaner burning, renewable alternatives.

I believe that sustainability and successful business go hand in hand, and we are now putting all of our energy into getting Crown Oil to net zero by 2030. For me, success isn’t defined as receiving a piece of paper that states we’ve achieved this milestone. Success is bringing as many of our customers as possible on the journey with us to fuel a more sustainable future.

Matthew Greensmith, Crown Oil Managing Director

tonnes of net CO2 reduced across our transport fleet from using HVO

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