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Advice on Oil Fuelled Heating Systems for Homes

Many home-owners across the UK have no option but to heat their home with oil. It is not the most common form of home heating. However, this kind of heating system does have its advantages and many people are not aware of them. This could be one reason why many people choose not to heat their homes with heating oil.

Oil fuelled heating systems use a wet heating system, wherein the boiler first heats water and this heated water is circulated to the radiators, and usually also taps in the house (depending on what type of boiler you get), the same way as a gas boiler works.

The domestic heating oil for the system (which can be ordered and supplied directly to your property by Crown Oil), needs to be stored in a specially designed storage tank. If you do not currently have a suitable tank, or would like some advice on upgrading a current storage tank. You can read more about our range of heating oil storage tanks, as well as giving our team a call on 0845 313 0845.

Domestic Heating Oil Solutions for your Home

The two main options when it comes to oil-fuelled heating systems are a heat only system or a combination condensing oil fuelled boiler. The first comes with internal storage for storing hot water for taps and does not provide instant heating.

A combi boiler is where the cold water supply goes direct into the boiler and is heated on demand. The water is then pumped from the boiler to radiators and taps as and when needed. This option is cheaper on heating costs and space saving as a hot water cistern is not required.

As per building regulations, the minimum seasonal efficiency or SEDBUK value of a combination oil fuelled boiler should stand at 86%. An A-grade boiler usually will have a SEDBUK value of about 90%, making it ideal for homes.

Buying Oil for your Domestic Heating System

Many people worry about the cost of buying oil. However here at Crown Oil we can take that worry away, we offer some of the best prices in the industry.

We are renowned for our prompt delivery across the North West of England and offer competitively priced fuel, without compromising on quality. We have a range of delivery options such as tank top up, which allows consumers to decide how often they would like their fuel tank topped up. This means we will automatically deliver your fuel.

If you have any more questions or would like to request a quote, you can do so by calling our knowledgeable team on 0845 313 0845. Alternatively, you can request a quote by filling in our quote form on this page.